About Therapy

why seek help?

Therapy offers an opportunity to explore issues in your life which are painful, difficult to make sense of or confusing. Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in familiar but destructive or restrictive patterns of behavior. We may struggle with personal relationships. We may find ourselves unable to move on from a painful experience or loss.

Therapy will not solve all your problems but it may help you to understand them better and perhaps live with them more effectively.

what is clinical/counseling psychology and psychotherapy?

Clinical and Counselling Psychologists are concerned with integrating psychological theories, principles and research into practice to help people overcome personal and emotional difficulties or distress in their daily lives. The aims of therapy include helping people understand, monitor and modify their disturbing or distressing thoughts, feelings or behaviour.

Psychotherapy generally refers to longer-term help designed to bring about deeper change in self understanding and patterns of relating. It often involves exploring the background to problems in some depth understanding the why? The focus might be on self-reflection as well as action.

In practice the two ways of working are often combined.
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